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I am so sorry I had not looked at any of the reviews before I BOOKED.

I was made to feel terrible - totally ripped off. In future I will read reviews before I go anywhere.

So bad, when you think you are going for a really relaxing massage and facial.

Cheap and nasty products and and no customer service. Don't ask what type of facial - this will be seen as rude???? DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE !!   15-12-14


I had a really bad time here. I had the voucher for the body massage and aloa vero wrap! They used cheap after sun oil on me. I was also offered the bonus half price facial. When I looked at the price list and saw it was £40 originally - I asked why it was £25 and was told this was a special facial.

Well the special facial was a cleanse maks and cream - which lasted 20 minutes. when I had the cheek to question this? I was told I was rude. Iasked why I was rude, when I am trying tounderstand how an hour facial - which is half price is 20 mins?? Felt totally ripped off. They would not answer my questions. The therapist told me she did not understand English!!! The lady who was in charge - had really bad skin,. This should have been a warning sign. i had asked what kind of facial was it? They would not answer me. Originally I was going to buy one as a Christmas gift/ But no way. I paid my money and left. Feeling totally ripped off.   15-12-14