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Just went and I was late by 5 mins in which I called them to say I will be and was told that was ok. My masseuse in which I think her name is roberta was amazing. I was upset when the massage was over. Now considering I paid for a 70 minute massage and wrap and only got 60 minutes in total of having the wrap removed and having to put my clothes on, I didn't feel I got my value for money but because roberta was so good I didn't mention anything. If they was going to take my 5 minute lateness out of my massage, they should've told me when I arrived or when I called.

The next thing that super upset me was that I asked to get my eyebrows done and the girl who attempted to do it seemed nervous or like it was her 1st time which made me feel nervous. I tried to explain this to who I believe was the manager but she made it clear that she doesn't take feedback or constructive criticism very well.

Roberta(the masseuse) finished off my eyebrows but I still Felt one was slightly messed up and told the lady who I think is the manager and all she replied is that's £5.00! I felt like crying because my eyebrows don't match and then when I got my card out which I told her I'll be paying by card before I got my brows done, she said that's 50p extra. I let her know that I'll just be paying £5 because I'm not paying extra to have messed up eyebrows.

Will I go again, probably not and I certainly will never reccomend this place. I will recommend roberta though for massages not eyebrows. If it wasn't for roberta, I would've rate this place no stars.    17-06-15