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Westside Veterinary Clinic Wandsworth

Westside Veterinary Clinic Wandsworth

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Vets in Wandsworth - Battersea
2 Burland Road, Battersea, Wandsworth, SW11 6SA
+44 (0) 20 7223 7003

Westside Veterinary Clinic Wandsworth Reviews

we took our cat katie at short notice who had had a tussle with a jack russel to the practice. she was seen promptly and went through various tests and x rays. fortunately no serious damage bruising and shock.
we picked her up two hours later and took her home to recover in her own time. wonderful treatment from rory and his team, thanks to cloe who looked after her. thanks from corol and keith.

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Had been taking our cats here for past 7 years and always been happy and thought Rory to be a very good vet! However last week our Cat Bella had to go there numerous times as she was unwell and not getting any better even with antibiotics etc! It took a week to do and get her blood test results and by then it was friday evening and we were told that she will need to go to see a specialist which they would refer her to for more tests/scans. The specialist is a good hours drive from us and as Bella is soo freaked out being in a car and as she had been to the vets several times in a week and that was also stressing her out we thought there must be someone a bit closer to home that we could try that had more diagnostics before having to take her all that way. So on the monday when she was still no better we decided to take her to Roehampton Vets to be checked over there as they are orthopedic specialists and as Rory had said she has a back problem/pain, but also they do endoscopies as she had been very unwell vomiting etc so thought that would be a good place to take her to see if they could perhaps diagnose/treat her and then if not then we would take her to the specialist outside London! Also it was Rory himself who had recommended Roehampton Vets to us in the past for our other cat who had a fractured leg and they had done a a good job fixing it. Anyway I called Rory at Westside Vets just now to make her a follow up appointment as he had been dealing with her all before and just to get her back checked that there was no more pain as the vet we saw at Roehampton had given her a steriod injection and painkillers and though she had been better the last couple of days since he said it would be a good idea just to check her back to make sure she has no more pain! I thought that we could just take her back to Westside vets as they are our local vet and the ones who had been dealing with her beforehand but Rory said to me " Listen I think you should find yourself another local vet'?!" I was shocked and upset and asked oh really why is that? He just said there was a lot of bullshit last week?! I said oh I did not understand why and that and the reason why we had taken her to Roehampton Vets but he just said again we should find another local vet and he would send them her info? Very very shocked also we had spent over £500 with them last week and have been going there for many years to be treated like that?! It was a very stressful and worrying past 10 days and of course we were thinking of what to do for the best for our cat Bella. And if Rory/Westside vet had just said that we cant take Bella there for a check up for her back to make sure she had no more pain and that we had to take her To Roehampton as thats who had last seen her then of course I would have understood but to strike her/us off his books? When hes been our local vet for years for all our cats that I really do not understand at all! That is not action of a compassionate and caring vet?!  

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