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Spray Tan Angel Wandsworth

Spray Tan Angel Wandsworth

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Tanning Salons in Wandsworth - Wandsworth
103f Lavender Hill, London, SW11 5QL
+44 (0) 7581 389 780

Spray Tan Angel Wandsworth Reviews

Maggie T.’s Reviews
Spray Tan Angels
Spray Tan Angels
Skin Care, Waxing, Nail Salons
4 hours ago
Let me start by saying, this place doesn't even deserve 1 star, & how I can't condemn this place enough. However let me try..

I bought a "70 minute full body massage and aloe vera wrap" off WOWCHER for £14 (instead of rrp £85). From start to finish it was just awful.

We arrived at a dingy & poorly decorated, run down looking shop & were greeted by a robotic woman (the owner) & told us they needed to take our details & then we can fix up our appointment... despite it already being booked. As we were "registering" our details, an annoyed woman stormed out of a treatment room, threw a wowcher voucher at the receptionist & said "that wasn't 70minutes; that's false advertising." I should have left at that point but I had paid so I stayed. It felt really dodgy. All the "therapists" were wearing mismatched "uniforms" & were waiting in the "reception" just watching us.

They didn't ask us any medical questions beforehand which therapists are meant to. I have asthma; therefore when I have massages I always let them know this when they ask any medical questions, as they sometimes change their oils if they are using lavender, as it can trigger an attack. But there was nothing asked.

They then led me and my friend to a tiny room with 2 "massage beds". They weren't massage beds. The room was only lit by one candle (which by the way was sitting next to kitchen roll...), probably to hide the awful decor and the room was tiny. I mean really small. To hang our stuff up on the wall on the pegs, everyone had to get out of the room so they could shut the door in order to have access to the pegs. I said to the owner, "please may we maybe go in separate rooms, as this room is very cramped." She replied with "well you booked & asked to be together. I mean what are you planning on doing in here you are going to be on the bed lying down." Very rude. Yes we had asked to be at the same time but not in the same room. A massage is meant to be relaxing. 2 customers, 2 therapists and 2 beds in a tiny room is hardly a tranquil experience.

We then took our clothes off in this tiny room, put our clothes into these cheap baskets with fake flowers, &waited. There was a clock right in my view, & due to the lady before complaining about the time, i was diligent in timing it.

We were given a 15 minute "full body massage" which was basically just like being stroked, with guess what... LAVENDER OIL. Very disappointing & pretty appalling they didn't ask any medical questions, because of my asthma. Not that it would do any good, because the therapists all seemed dragged in off the street and probably paid minimum wage to disappoint people.

Then we were made to stand up.. Stand up? In a massage? In a room almost naked with more than 1 person? They then applied the "aloe vera" gel & wrapped us in cling film which took 10 mins. I've had a body wrap before & the whole point is to stay relaxed. Not being made to stand up. They should work around you. Again we were naked in this tiny cramped room with 2 beds and 4 people... It was a pretty undignified experience.

We were then made to lie down & covered with aluminium foil. Looking like we had just been prepped us for the oven, we were told to "relax" & they will remove the foil soon. 30 minutes after baking away in a tiny room with no ventilation or windows, & a candle near a potentially horrendous fire hazard, a different therapist comes in & removes the cling film.. With scissors & she wasn't careful. It wasn't painless. That took another 10 mins to do me & my friend.

We still had the gel on which they hadn't removed. We asked politely if we could please have a clean towel to remove the gel, & she said in very little English, "no. Absorb we say no leave." Great.

Dressed & back out to the "reception", the owner says "how was that for you?" & I said "it was ok but it wasn't 70minutes."
She looked at a clock behind her & sarcastically and robotically replied "well the treatment is 70minutes." She was right but 30 of those 70 minutes we were left on our own lying down with no therapist in sight.

Feeling mislead and conned we politely thanked her & left. I suppose "it's too good to be true" is quite a fitting saying in this instance. I'm really annoyed that I spent £14 plus the money I spent getting a train there & back. In no way would I ever ask for the travel money back but I did ask for a refund for the treatment. And after a few unprofessional tweets & rude emails back & forth to no surprise, they said they couldn't refund me as they had no proof of my attendance. Despite the fact, i still had my wowcher voucher, & they have my details which they took when i arrived. And I'm pretty sure, I couldn't make up an experience like this; no matter how imaginative I was. And after seeing other reviews, I can see my experience wasn't a one off. I WISH I'd read reviews before wasting time and money.

I am shocked that without an offer, people would be charged up to £85 for this treatment! That is just not right or fair!

Also, I got a rash about an hour after the massage. Again, not sure if it was the lavender oil or the "aloe vera" but i don't have sensitive skin. So I'm pretty sure thay were cheap or old products.

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!  
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Just went and I was late by 5 mins in which I called them to say I will be and was told that was ok. My masseuse in which I think her name is roberta was amazing. I was upset when the massage was over. Now considering I paid for a 70 minute massage and wrap and only got 60 minutes in total of having the wrap removed and having to put my clothes on, I didn't feel I got my value for money but because roberta was so good I didn't mention anything. If they was going to take my 5 minute lateness out of my massage, they should've told me when I arrived or when I called.

The next thing that super upset me was that I asked to get my eyebrows done and the girl who attempted to do it seemed nervous or like it was her 1st time which made me feel nervous. I tried to explain this to who I believe was the manager but she made it clear that she doesn't take feedback or constructive criticism very well.

Roberta(the masseuse) finished off my eyebrows but I still Felt one was slightly messed up and told the lady who I think is the manager and all she replied is that's £5.00! I felt like crying because my eyebrows don't match and then when I got my card out which I told her I'll be paying by card before I got my brows done, she said that's 50p extra. I let her know that I'll just be paying £5 because I'm not paying extra to have messed up eyebrows.

Will I go again, probably not and I certainly will never reccomend this place. I will recommend roberta though for massages not eyebrows. If it wasn't for roberta, I would've rate this place no stars.   

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I am so sorry I had not looked at any of the reviews before I BOOKED.

I was made to feel terrible - totally ripped off. In future I will read reviews before I go anywhere.

So bad, when you think you are going for a really relaxing massage and facial.

Cheap and nasty products and and no customer service. Don't ask what type of facial - this will be seen as rude???? DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE !!  

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I had a really bad time here. I had the voucher for the body massage and aloa vero wrap! They used cheap after sun oil on me. I was also offered the bonus half price facial. When I looked at the price list and saw it was £40 originally - I asked why it was £25 and was told this was a special facial.

Well the special facial was a cleanse maks and cream - which lasted 20 minutes. when I had the cheek to question this? I was told I was rude. Iasked why I was rude, when I am trying tounderstand how an hour facial - which is half price is 20 mins?? Felt totally ripped off. They would not answer my questions. The therapist told me she did not understand English!!! The lady who was in charge - had really bad skin,. This should have been a warning sign. i had asked what kind of facial was it? They would not answer me. Originally I was going to buy one as a Christmas gift/ But no way. I paid my money and left. Feeling totally ripped off.  

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Friend bought me a Wowcher for a massage here for my birthday. It took me about a month to get through to make an appointment. My partner's father died so I had to cancel the day before. They told me there was a 48 hour cancellation policy and basically 'tough', even though my voucher said 24 hours. I wrote to Wowcher who said I had to get confirmation that I didn't use the voucher. I wrote to Spray Tan Angels as I didn't want to deal with more nastiness on the phone. They said they were sticking with the 48 hour policy and 24 hours must have been a misprint. They also kept calling me by the wrong name.  

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Do not go here. Horrific expereince. Made-up totally sub-standard treatments. I feel so humiliated that I actually trusted these people and was totally ripped off.  

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